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Producers of Maidaan Movie Likely to Suffer Loss of 7 Crore Due to Pending Shooting Before Rains

Bollywood reports have spread all over that the movie Maidaan starring Ajay Devgn might suffer loss due to pending shooting

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April 22, 2020
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You might feel a bit depressed if you are a fan of Ajay Devgn. The reason for this is that his forthcoming movie Maidaan is on halt. This movie may suffer a loss of Rs 7 Crore if it’s shooting remains pending till rains. You might have seen that today the pandemic of Corona Virus has entered all the homes in India and even the entire world is suffering on its account. This is a transmittable disease. It has affected and devoured many people all over the world. You might have come to know that Corona has affected more than 190 countries. Due to this reason many movies are on halt due to obstructions in their shootings due to the Corona Virus. Same problem is for the shooting for Maidaan starring Ajay Devgn. 

What is the movie Maidaan about?

When you come to know more about the movie Maidaan then you will see that its story background is about the life of Ayed Abdul an Indian football coach. It has been estimated that if the shooting of this movie is not completed till rains then its producers may suffer a loss of Rs 7 crore. 

For the outdoor shooting of this movie a dozen acres land has been taken on rent. This land has been taken for a period of 2 months. If the shooting of Maidaan is not complete till the beginning of monsoon season then its producers and the entire shooting team may suffer financial losses. The exclusive movie set was done with privies, make-up rooms and a PCR in place. With the movie set standing idle, there will be a substantial monetary setback. If unprotected to rains (if the lockdown is protracted beyond May 3), the expensive movie set will need a complete renovation. 

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