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Photos: Pooja Hegde in her perfect Clicks

Pooja enjoying her Meal Time

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June 10, 2020
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Starting her career as a model and then an actress, Pooja Hegde has made her profile strong, she has had a journey that one can talk about. She took part in some big modelling competitions but some did not set to what she wanted to, but this girl has made her Bollywood style go viral. She has done a few good Bollywood movies, she also got to share the screen with Akshay Kumar in Housefull part 4. 

She is beautiful and talented and it's the time to unfold some of her popular and trending Instagram pictures:

1. The black and white:

Enjoying the winds and flaunting her black and white picture Pooja is stealing the show. She is looking absolutely flawless in her black and white picture. Seems like a perfect hair day.

2. The cute munching:

Pooja is seen munching her bowl meal and looking cute, this shows how simple the celeb is; she is looking like a normal girl out. Real and beautiful is something I would say for this one.

3. The Christmas fun:

Enjoying the snowy winters of Christmas, Pooja is seen posing candid. She is all covered in her winter outfit and lost in nature. She is enjoying herself. Do you see how the lights in the background are just making the picture go beautiful?

4. The cheat day:

Actresses and models are always on a strict healthy diet, they need to make sure that they are in figure and well maintained, but sometimes cheating on a diet is allowed and this is what Pooja is seen enjoying. She is enjoying her burger time and looking cute in this. It seems like she loves food.

5. The cookbook:

Just not eating but Pooja also loves spending time cooking, she likes making new things, and she is seen enjoying the stay home time by making some good healthy food for herself.

6. Fit girl:

Pooja is seen doing some home exercise as she cannot step out for her gym, but she is highly focused and is making sure that she burns the fat even when at home and stays in a perfect body. She is definitely not a girl of excuses.

7. Multi-talented:

Model, actor and now seems like a musician too, oh my god! This girl seems like super talented and she has a lot to do. She is seen posing with a guitar and playing some music. She is a perfect package of talent.

8. Pizza time:

Again a cheat day, so Pooja makes sure that all her cheat days are well maintained against the workout done. She loves eating so she makes it up by working out a little more than always. So she can grab some healthy pizza when needed.

9. The perfect body: 

Some of the above pictures show much she loves food, but she does not mess with her body for sure. Look at the perfect body and shape she has. She makes sure to be in her perfect body and keep herself happy.

10. Time to shoot:

Work is worship and this is true, Pooja is perfect when it comes to her profession, she is a kid and simple heart but yet elegant and professional. She is seen posing her perfect pictures in the car and creating a new trend.

These are some of the current sensational pictures of Pooja Hegde which won many hearts.

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