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Photos: Janhvi Kapoor in her Happy Times

What is Jhanvi's way to style?

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June 29, 2020
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Jahnvi Kapoor is among one of the most talented star kids, she started her career in the Bollywood industry with Dhadak, in the year 2018. People say she is exactly like her star mom Sridevi. No doubt the star girl is making a successive growth in her career and today we are not here to talk about her acting skills rather We are more towards what's going to happen in the star's life and we are ready to reveal this,with her recent pictures on Instagram. Pictures will make the talking today So let us hear them out.

1. Light up: 

Jahnvi is seen doing her part of the contribution to the light mission, where we all are locked up in the home and waiting for a good time to come in this ray of her picture is brightening things up. She is looking so calm and pleasant. 

2. Close click:

This zoom-in picture of jahnvi was spotted on her Instagram where she was seen in her messy bouncy hair and a perfect nude shade makeup look. This picture of her was trending on her social media.

3. The designer outfit:

The beauty is still attached to her root, the embroidery on her blouse is so pretty. Jahnvi is always in her best when she carries her traditional outfit. And this time it is an Indo western look. 

4. The saree girl:

Jahnvi is looking all set on fire in her perfect saree look where she is growing along in the desi look. She likes to swing in saree and she looks flawless. She has draped this saree so perfectly and beautifully. 

5. The black beauty:

Jahnvi is all set to do her workout session in her black gym wear. She is making her way for her fitness session. Jahnvi has been working on her body strictly and this is showing results right now she has made her body fit and in shape now. 

6. High pony look:

All packed up in a high pony look, and her long earrings show how elegant her accessory is. She is wearing a formal outfit, which is professional and beautiful. Jahnvi is a person who blends up perfectly the Indo western look. She can fit right the fusion, maybe that is what she has got from her mom.

7. Candid:

Jahnvi in her no-makeup look stepped out of her home for a fitness workout session again, she is looking simple and beautiful. This is a candid picture of her ad no doubt she looks so beautiful in this picture.

8. The barbie doll look:

Jahnvi is dressed up in a Barbie doll look, she looks like an angel in a white gown and the blush on her face. No doubt this is a cute picture, Jahnvi is making her mark on the screen as well as the social media by her amazing pictures.

9. The retro look:

Isn’t this picture like some old actress in the western look. She is a copy of her roots. She is dressed like a modern girl in some 70’s pictures yet she looks flawless and beautiful. The color red is highlighting her look, and she is looking red hot.

10. The white shine:

She looks so happy and playing around her glow overall in her simple white outfit. She is confident and a happy girl and her picture defines that well. 

These pictures of her are making a happy smile on the audience's face and she has a long way to go for sure. 

By: P3enter10ments