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Photos: Izabelle Leite in her own vibe

Here is Izabelle new insta photo book.

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October 2, 2020
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Izabelle Leite is a Brazilian model and actress. She has also worked in Bollywood films and created her popularity in Indian Films. Sixteen and Purani jeans are among her two popular films in Bollywood. She has been making her marks right in the industry. Now, let's know what's happening in the star's life with her latest Instagram pictures. 

1. Happy Vibes:

Enjoying her happy times in Dubai, Izabelle Leite is seen in her happy times. All dressed casual and hanging around the perfect place. 

2. Food is love:

Izabelle is enjoying her food time, and seems like every ordinary girl she is seen enjoying her time with food all around her. No doubt this picture shows how beautiful she is, in her simple outfit also. 

3. Sail with love:

Enjoying her holiday times, sailing in the ship. She is enjoying her holiday vibes. Black and white picture in her colourful life. 

4. Mirror self:

Basic outfit and a mirror self is the best. she captioned this picture with “she's learning…(i’m she)” this shows that she is down to learn all again and grow.

5. Good old days:

Plated hair and black and white picture again is taking her back to her good old days. This picture is quoted with the taught to be strong and also make others feel strong. 

6. Night beauty:

The amazing flower filter and a perfect night selfie. She is looking flawless and beautiful.

7. The casual OOTD:

Enjoying her casual outfit of the day, Izabelle is often seen in casual outfits. She loves being basic. 

8. The bikini look:

The good vibes are all around. In the multicolour bikini and a perfect mood. This diva is taking the limelight. 

9. The perfect shoot:

Black and white, posing perfectly for the camera. The beauty is looking amazing and is so calm in her pose. 

10. The after-party scene:

Izabelle is seen enjoying her crazy after-party set, decked up and yet in the mood to chill. Seems like a perfect end to the day. 

These are some amazing insta clicks of the beautiful actress. 

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