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People are angry with Ekta Kapoor for these Five Reasons and want her to be Arrested

"AltBalaji Insults Army" trending on Twitter against Ekta Kapoor's New Show

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June 7, 2020
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Vikas Pathak, Bigg Boss 13 contestant filed a police complaint against Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor referring to them as "anti-nationals."

Vikas shared on Instagram a video recorded outside the police station in Khar. In the video, he said, "Today I have filed a complaint in the Khar Police Station against anti-nationals Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor for disrespecting our Indian military, national emblem, colonel tag and defaming our country," which he captioned as "Police complaint filed in the Khar Police Station against Ekta Kapoor.

ALT Balaji was founded and owned by Ekta Kapoor, which is wholly owned by her production house, Balaji Telefilms. Complete controversy started with an episode titled as "Pyaar aur Plastic" in season 2 of "XXX" is a web series hosted on ALT Balaji platform.

Pathak said, the episode contains a scene where an army officer's wife is seen having an extramarital affair when the officer is on nation's duty away on the border. And in one of the scenes, the wife asked her boyfriend to wear the army uniform of her husband and once done she proceeds to have sex with him where she also tore that uniform. Pathak said it was extremely disrespectful.

Following Pathak's video, people have come up with their views and these 5 reasons have been majorly pointed out:

●      People are not happy with the characters of army wives shown in the series as army wives don't induce in             extramarital affairs and they respect their husbands who are on duty to the nation.

●      Ekta's promoting domestic violence and casteism is not acceptable to the audience.

●      Disrespecting the army uniform is never justifiable and it can also adversely affect the youth's psychology,             which people can't afford.

●      Targeting a particular community and showing army officials engaged in corrupt activities made people                 oppose the show.

●      People are against her shows where nudity is all-time entertainment like soft porns.

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