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No Time to Die - James Bond Upcoming Movie

A Brief Description Of The Bond Movie, No Time To Die

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February 16, 2020
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People who love to watch spy and detective movies especially a James Bond genre film must watch the soon to be released movie No Time To Die. Daniel Craig plays the character of James Bond, who is an imaginary MI agent. Cary Joji Fukunaga and Neal Purvis have written the story along with some other writers like Robert Wade and others. Cary also happens to be the director of the spy film. Universal Pictures possesses the world distribution rights of this James Bond movie. The movie will be released in London on 31st March this year in 2020. It will be ready for viewing by people of the UK on 2nd April while the public in the US can watch it from 10th April.

The movie will be the last one in which Craig would play the role of James Bond 007. The trailer of No Time To Die was released earlier and it showcased both Craig as James Bond and Lashana Lynch as Nomi in conversation with each other. Nomi, the character played by Lashana is given the role of double-0 agent in this movie. She has super killer looks that will certainly be liked by Hollywood film lovers.

The story of No Time To Die revolves around the tale of James Bond quitting his job and relaxing in peace in Jamaica when an old buddy who was with him in the CIA requests Bond to help him. The friend, Felix Leiter wants Bond to help in freeing a kidnapped scientist from the clutches of the kidnapper. Bond goes on a mission to rescue the scientist and it is a mission involving treachery and deceit by the villain and culprit. The kidnapper here uses new technology that is lethal and dangerous and this makes the rescue mission to be challenging for Bond. There is a lot of suspense, action, and mystery in the spy movie. Adventure lovers will appreciate the plot of the film. James Bond Lovers must wait for some time for the release of this film. 

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