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Nicole Kidman; a talented actress and perfect mother talks about motherhood

Actress and mother, a perfectionist; Nicole says, 'children keep you young'

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November 30, 2019
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Apart from being an Australian actress and producer Nicole Kidman, acts in dual roles in her real life. She plays the role of a nice actress and a caring mother. In an interview, she said, “She works hard to stay fit and energetic so that she can take care of her kids.” She also added that her younger kids encourage her to make an effort with her appearance. She has an adopted grown-up son and daughter Isabella and Connor with former spouse Tom Cruise and two biological daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with husband Keith Urban.

The super gorgeous actor says “That's a big part of your life when you have children when you're older." The Big Little Lies star always knew she was destined for motherhood, "Whether you're an adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman has insisted of finally realizing her dream, "it's the emotion of attaching to a child and helping guide them."

In an interview Nicole Kidman recently opened up about the pain she and her first husband Tom Cruise endured after she faced both an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage. The couple later adopted Isabella Cruise (25), and Connor Cruise (23). After this when she was in 40s she welcomed her first daughter with Keith Urban, so staying "healthy and vibrant" for Sunday and Faith is a top priority.

The 51-year-old actress Nicole Kidman, proudly says "children keep you young" she also said "There's something true about their life force”. They keep you engaged and they bring joy. It’s interesting Nicole Kidman says “particularly my little one will say, Please don't wear your work-out stuff to school this morning. Please blow dry your hair. Please wear some make-up. I did show up one morning looking like a wreck I suppose... and my daughter was mortified." And she was laughing.

Nicole Kidman confessed that her kids are having their own growing opinions of how she should look. Now her daughters help ground her as she deals with the stresses of her career. She works laboriously to remain energetic in order that she will handle her li’l youngsters. 

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