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New Pics of Chris Brown with Ammika & Baby

Family is everything for Chris Brown

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March 10, 2020
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Babies are a true blessing indeed and a lot of celebs are seen flaunting, Chris Brown is known for loving his small family. He showed his Instagram fans a picture of Ammika, hugging Aeko in her arms. It was a beautiful moment for mother and child.

1. Mother and baby love:

Love is pure especially when it comes to mother and son, Ammika is seen hugging Aeko tight in arms and showing all her motherhood and love. It's a bold picture and seen going viral on Instagram. Mother and Baby Love

2. The power baby:

They say kids are a copy of their parents. The little baby is seen all powerful and ready to be like his dad in this picture. Baby is powerful. Power Baby

3. The daddy’s boy:

You fall and you get up, this is what the parents are teaching the young baby. Making him rise and face the world. Daddy’s Boy

4. The boss baby:

This attitude looks perfect. He is a boss baby and gives the perfect look. He is ready to rule the planet. Boss Baby

This baby picture is soo cute and adorable to look at. The social media is going gala on the baby pictures. 

By: P3enter10ments