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Netflix's The dig is about the journey of Archaeology

The dig is based on a real excavation of the Sutton hoo ship and the lost treasure.

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February 1, 2021
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Netflix's new film the dig is a depiction of John Preston's novel the dig. The dig is based on the real excavation of the 1939 Sutton hoo ship burial which was related to 1400 years old Anglo-Saxon found the burial under the land of a lady. The film explored all the experience and the work of an archaeologist. It depicts that digging something which may be related to the past is a careful job because the burial is precious and also a lost world.

The dig story surrounded an upper-class landlady who is also widow Edith Pretty found an unusual formation on her Suffolk property near the River Deben.  She hired a brow-beaten, underappreciated farmer, untrained excavator Basil Brown at the minimum price which later unearths the Sutton hoo 80-foot-long Anglo-Saxon ship and a big treasure that contained 263 precious objects, human-faced helmet, tooled shoulder clasps, household goods, bone, garnet, feathers and weapons. 

Some objects are made from iron to gold. But the twist came when Charles Phillips comes and declares that basil has no right to the finding because he has no legal degree and amateur in the field of archaeology. At this time Edith helps him to take the credit for the findings.

Charles Phillips is important in the film because it is a metaphor of the British Museum and an organization that expects to take the claim of the finding the past civilisation.

The film is not only mixed with archaeological journey but also some emotions and love story which does not give a single chance to the viewers to divert their attention.

The Dig, the main cast includes Carey Mulligan, Archie Barnes Ralph Fiennes, Johnny Flynn, Lily James, Ben Chaplin, Ken Stott and many more. The film is directed by Simon Stone.

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