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The Netflix’s series Mismatched stories has nothing different to remember with

The name truly elaborates the Netflix's series – Mismatched.

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December 10, 2020
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Many Netflix's series have been themed on youngsters and yet again a new series of Netflix Mismatched has portrayed many stories of some of the different group of youngsters, but the essence of the same seems to be missed out. The story is about a group of teenagers who came to Jaipur for a three-month computer coding course. The story has been narrated from the point of view of different student. It is a love story of Dimple (Koli) and Rishi (Saraf). The girl is highly ambitious and aims to design an App to be famous. While the boy is searching for a wife.

The storyline of the series is so focused on both of them that it seems it has not done justice with the other stories. The series has nothing but as usual stories of broken family, a person passionate about following their dreams and many more things. Although the last episode left something for having indication of the second season, but people doesn’t seem to be interested about it. Overall it can be said that it is just a combination of many Bollywood movies that we are known with.

Even the clip from the series was posted by Mumbai police as an advisory to remind the people about the ill effects of driving drunk. The series talks about the App that is really cool as it gives an idea where the corps is if a person is thinking to drive drunken. 

The clip was unwelcomed as a bad idea and it should not be encouraged. The Mumbai police shared the clip mentioning that it’s totally mismatched and one should never plan for drink and drive. The challan is the only fine that will be imposed on those who practice it.  

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