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Neha Kakkar’s Amazing Journey to the Top in Bollywood

Her Journey From A Bhajan Singer To A Hit Party Singer

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May 12, 2020
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Neha Kakkar feels overwhelmed by her success in Bollywood and exclaim that she could never have imagined attaining the high position she has occupied in her career. She is a successful singer who has sung some of the biggest hit songs in Hindi movies. Her hits include Garmi, Badri ki Dulhania, and Dilbar. The great success she has achieved seems like a dream come true. Neha feels on top of the world and feels surprised at how she could get a foothold in Bollywood being from a small place like Rishikesh. She belongs to a small town Rishikesh from where she started her journey, went to Delhi, and from there she ventured into the city of dreams, Mumbai to become a singer in Bollywood.

Rishikesh is a small town in Uttarakhand and the singer feels happy at her success and says she wants to go higher than the position she has achieved in her singing career. Her song Second Hand Jawani achieved fame and fans recognize her for her song in the movie Cocktail that was released in 2012. Neha started singing early when she was a child. She sang bhajans during her childhood days. She used to attend religious functions and sing bhajans in it. She began singing when she was four years old.

People recognize Neha for her remix hits now but very few people know that she sang in bhajan sandhya's during early childhood. Even the religious functions were like a party for her. She enjoyed the bhajans thoroughly while singing and dancing in the bhajans. People used to love when Neha danced at religious events and they admired her singing talent. Her siblings are also in Bollywood. Her latest song Moscow Suka released in April has achieved fame. The song is recorded in a mixed dialect of both Punjabi and Russian. Her co-singer on this track is Yo Yo Honey Singh. A large number of people have seen this song. 

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