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Ndlovu Youth Choir Gets Rewarded Well with Hollywood Music Award

Another music star gets awarded by Hollywood

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December 23, 2019
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The latest hot news in the world of Hollywood is that Ndlovu Youth Choir gets honored with the Hollywood music award. This is the most interesting news for the forthcoming Friday if you are a genuine and devoted fan of Hollywood movies and music. Ndlovu Youth Choir is a well known talented music star of the USA and entire Hollywood world. He has hoisted his flag of talent high once again. He has won international accolades at the Media Award function in the US. This event and function was hosted by Hollywood. Winning an award from the side of Hollywood is a great achievement and Youth Choir has done it so well.

So many music artists got honored at the Media Awards-Hollywood

Let us talk more about the event of Media Awards hosted by Hollywood. The flautist Wouter Kellerman who was a Grammy award winner won the award for the best independent music video that had the title Sheeran’s Shape of You. This award show hosted by Hollywood was held during November 20-2019. This event was held to award and honor the most talented and noted music stars and artists that have given contribution in movies, album videos, movie trailers as well in commercial advertisements. Even those artists who gave background music to documentaries were also awarded for their noted role and performance. You will see that the music video of Choir for the titled song was launched and released after more than one year of its making. Yet Choir won international fame when it appeared on America’s Got Talent. 

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