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The music composer AR Rahman disclosed the existence of an unknown gang against him in Bollywood

AR Rahman says a whole gang is playing against him, stopping him to do work in the Bollywood industry.

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July 29, 2020
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There has been enough stuff in the social media over past few months about the existence of big forces that are not allowing the talented people may be an actor, singer or musician to get enough work in the Bollywood industry. This time there is big disclosure from the Oscar winning AR Rahman in his recent talk with Radio Mirchi, where he says that there is a gang that is working behind him and spreading rumours about him which has been preventing him to get work in the Bollywood industry. He said the same in the context, when he was asked “why he is not doing more Bollywood movies music”.

He also shared an incident from his recent work done as a music composer in movie Dil Bechara that was made with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He said that when the director Mukesh Chhabra came to him and was given four songs in just days and he said that there are many people who said not to go to him and there have many stories to tell about AR Rahman. Reacting to it the composer said that now he has come to realize that this was the reason which has restricted him to get enough work in the industry.

He also mentioned that people expect me to do more but this gang is not making things happen in the right way. However, he said that he believes that everything is upon destiny and it all comes from God. He is going well with his movies and other works and people are welcomed to come to him. Some of the popular soundtracks from his house were Rockstar, Swades, Dil Se and not to forget Slumdog Millionaire.

By: P3enter10ments