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About multi-talented Iman Esmail; an actor, dancer, fitness freak & choreographer

Iman Esmail - You will find a perfect dancer, choreographer, model and an influencer.

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September 5, 2022
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We have seen many artists influencing people with their talents over social media channels. But one name which was gained so much popularity in past years is Iman Esmail. She was born in Delhi. She is not only a well-known Choreographer but also a dancer, model, Fashion, Lifestyle & Fitness Influencer & Blogger. She continues to amaze people with her social media post whether it is fashion, dance or style. The audience loves the way she connects with people. Iman Esmail looks beautiful, and due to her style and personality, she is the brand ambassador of many brands. She is the queen of Instagram and very active on Snapchat.

Iman Esmail is active in many fields. The core areas in which she works are dancing, acting, modeling, blogging and travelling. In modeling, she has gained a big name. She has worked with many brands and she usually posts her pictures on social media accounts wearing chic outfits and fashionable clothing. She keeps on updating her fans about fashion updates and her travelling diaries. Due to this, she has a huge fan following on social media. The way she creates informative and interesting content for the audience is outstanding. She was more than 200K followers on Instagram.

Talking about her dancing skills, Iman Esmail is a trained dancer having 15 years of experience in semi-classical, Bollywood, and fusion dance styles. Her videos of various dance styles can be seen overall on social media platforms. Dance beginners follow her dance videos. She was part of many dance channels such as Disney Channel, Barbie, and other commercial projects. She was a host of the first Bollywood-fusion dance workshop which was organized in Los Angeles. She is progressing in her dance passion with a beautiful thought. She believes in spreading love and hope through her dance. She also extends her support by helping people and wishes to pursue a career as counselor. 

Not only dancing and modeling, but Iman Esmail is also a fitness freak. She has a toned body and a gorgeous look. The reason behind this is that she always keeps herself fit and shaped. Yoga, regular workout, and exercise every day are the mantras to keep her fit and healthy. She shares many fitness tips and pictures with the audience over her social media accounts.

Those who wish to remain fit or know about the latest fashion trends or desire to be a good dancer, they can follow Iman Esmail on social media platforms. Her reels, pictures, videos and dance steps are very popular and people get crazy with every new post she updates.

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