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Money Heist More Popular Than Tiger King

Netflix Reports More People Watch Shows Online In A Lockdown Situation

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May 3, 2020
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The online streaming portal Netflix has reported that more people are viewing shows online and the show Money Heist is being watched by more viewers than the show Tiger King. The platform has added fifteen million new users who signed up for online watching of shows. It is to be seen if the same number of users continue their Netflix subscription once the coronavirus epidemic is over and the lockdown ends.

Tiger King is popular among the people and it is a viral show attracting a large number of audiences to it. 64 million people watched the show in the first month of its telecast. Viewers who watch Tiger King have been posting tributes and jokes on it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. It is a popular topic on TikTok also.

The trend of watching live TV has reduced and the public likes to see the shows online on their smartphones on streaming apps like Netflix. Tiger King has a story with a theme based on a wild documentary and the plot revolving around a zoo owner trying to finish the life of an opponent, an animal activist by hiring a professional killer or hitman. The story revolves around animals, big cats, and betrayals.

Tiger King is liked by many viewers but the show Money Heist has surpassed it in the number of people watching it online. According to the reports, 64 million users watched Tiger King while 65 million people watched Money Heist. Money Heist was originally telecast by a Spanish television network. Netflix bought the rights to broadcast it three years ago in 2017.

Money Heist is a Spanish show. The story has many twists and turns that make it interesting to watch the show. It has a total of thirty-one episodes with each episode of a duration of fifty to sixty minutes. It is a huge hit and very popular among people. The trend of watching TV the traditional way is changing and giving way to watching shows on online streaming apps and platforms.

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