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Manya Singh, Miss India 2020 Runner-Up, could not win the crown but becomes a role model for many Girls

Although being a daughter of the auto-rickshaw driver and poor financial condition, Manya Singh's Journey to become miss India is a perfect example of never give up.

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February 16, 2021
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Obstacles can’t be a barrier to stop at least trying for the goal is a perfect word for Manya Singh, Miss India 2020 runner-up. Manya Singh could not have won the crown but may win the hearts of many people with her inspirational journey to at least trying for the dream and never give up on it.

Here is some glimpse of Manya Singh's journey:

Daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver

Manya Singh is a simple girl and daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver. She born in Mumbai but brought in Hata in Uttar Pradesh. Belong to the lower-middle-class background, she faced poor financial condition since the childhood which affected her life.

Not enough money to pay the school fee

Her financial condition was not very good, which affected her studies as her parents could only afford her examination fee in the school, even for college fee her mother had to mortgage their anklet and that is how she managed to complete her studies.

No clothes to wear

There was a time when Manya Singh who is present has become miss India 2020 runner up has to wear people's clothes.

She said in an interview that girls around her wore good clothes, attended school and lived happily while Manya had to wear people’s clothes, and not enough money to go to school and even yearned for books. 

Worked in her teenage

Like many children who are from a lower-middle-class background and poor financial condition, Manya Singh also worked in her teenage. At 14, she started working to earn money. She wrote on her Instagram, recalling that time being a dishwasher, worked in pizza hut, call centre, she even polished shoes. She walked several miles just to save some money. 

Being an elder child

No matter how much we have moved toward the growth and development, still, some believe present in our life which may never fade away. Manya Singh is an elder daughter of her parents and has a younger brother but being an elder child, she thought it was her responsibility to help her parents financially so they never wish that they had an elder son.

Slept empty stomach 

Manya Singh ran away from her home in Uttar Pradesh and reach Mumbai by train. In her three days journey, she travelled empty stomach because she had no money. She said in her many interviews that she slept empty stomach many times with no guarantee of food, which how much pain can it be only the person who lived under these circumstances.

Convert the obstacles into the strength

Manya Singh said that destiny has chosen this platform for her, so all the odds eventually convert into the even for her. Like while working in pizza hut where she had to mop the floor, wash the dishes, and sleep in the storehouse but after all this, around in a year there she also learnt how people carried themselves, their dressing and talking style.

Pursing her college studies, while working in a call centre, Manya was not only able to get some money to support her studies but also improved her communication skills, fluency in her language, her diction, voice and helped to improve overall her personality and confidence which helped her a lot in the Miss India Contest.

Parents reaction

Her parents didn’t believe her to be able to enter the competition and even shocked by her decision of going to the competition. But now they are happy and proud.

Failed to enter the beauty pageant

Manya Singh had failed in so many attempts but never lose hope. She always recall how much obstacles she already had faced and still facing in life which motivated her and finally last year she entered in the beauty pageant.

Not able to win still inspired

Manya Singh is a 19-year-old and became VLCC Femina Miss India 2020 runner-up on asking about her motivation to become Miss India 2020, she said that this platform gives voice to her stand and beliefs and also to be the voice of those women who wanted to do something in their life but their social and financial barrier stop them to achieve it.

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