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Manoj Bajpayee speaks up on Bollywood nepotism says, Importance to talented actors should be Given

Joining nepotism debate Manoj Bajpayee admits the this industry has wasted talent.

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June 27, 2020
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After the death of a young and talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput, many Bollywood stars have broke their silence and are speaking on the nepotism being practiced at the Industry that has wasted many upcoming talents and rising stars in the Bollywood.

Recently Manoj Bajpayee also has revealed the reality behind the screens and said, the industry has been unfair to the talented actors that are from outside. Not only is the industry facing unevenness, but the nation also. He says that he is saying it for past 20 years that the industry has wasted the raising talents, if they have been to the other country, they might have been recognized as a successful stars there. He further says that he is not pointing someone as if they are responsible for, but there is need to correct it. If the same is not done, the Bollywood shall consistency lose the common people respect.

On its solution note, he says-Talents shall never be ignored and crushed, and chance is to be given, no matter he/she is an insider or outsider. Manoj worked with Sushant Singh in the movie Sonchiriya. Taking his own example Manoj says being thick skinned and a son of a different mother, he has survived in the industry. His films are mostly in small scale and are not put in market properly. As soon as they start doing well, they are taken away from theatres.

One of the extremely talented actor of industry is all prepared and waiting for his movie release “Bhonsle”. He will be seen as playing the role of retired Mumbai cop. The movie will be released on Sony LIV.

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