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List of Top 10 songs of Bhojpuri film industry that are worth to listen

Best Bhojpuri tracks to make you go crazy on the dance floor.

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July 4, 2021
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It's not just that Bhojpuri movies are loved by the audience of the country but their songs are also at the top of the people hit & favorite list. The songs of Bhojpuri are full of energy and a complete package of entertainment. You can find so many dance numbers and romantic songs that have crossed millions of views. The lyrics and the dancing styles have even spiced them up and they are continuously gaining popularity over the years. 

Let's see the top Bhojpuri songs liked by the audience:

1. Lagavelu Jab Lipistic Lalipop: 

This song is one of the most favourite Bhojpuri songs being loved by people all over India. Sung by Shiv Kumar Shiva, the song from the album Bhauji Top Lagelu has been one of the viral songs over the internet and is a must to play for any Indian party. The music of the song is so amazing that one can’t stop dancing on it, which makes it so popular worldwide.

2. Lalipap Lagelu: 

The craze for Bhojpuri songs have been increasing among people. The song LalipapLagelu by Pawan Singh was uploaded by web music and it became a big hit having more than 70 million views and has now many versions of it available on youtube. The song has become so popular that it is played almost at every function, wedding & party and has become a dance anthem for youth all over the world.

3. Dewra Chusta: 

The song by Khesari Lal Dewra. The song is from the album Welcome 2014 Bhojpuri released on December 2013. The song has an awesome dance performed by Khesari Lal. The song is released under the music label Bhojpuri Music Duniya. It is one of the most popular DJ remix numbers.

4. Kashi Hille Patna Hille: 

For all the fans of Bhojpuri music, this song by Ritesh Pandey and Antra Singh Priyanka is one of the most loved Bhojpuri songs. The lyrics of the song are amazing and its music is given by Nadeem-Shravan which adds melody to the same. The chemistry of Ritesh Pandey and Akansha Dubey is sizzling and is eye candy for their fans. The recreation of the song will definitely make the Bhojpuri fans go crazy for its tune.

5. Hoi Mulakat Bandha Par: 

The song from the album Jaaneman sung by KhesariLalYadav and InduSonali. Starring Bhojpuri superstar and singer Khesari Lal and Priyanka Pandit the video of the song is being loved on youtube. The chemistry between the two looks amazing in the song with the tadka of their powerful dance performance which makes the song a super hit. The video of the song has received massive views and likes.

6. Behind of Odhani: 

This song from SaiyanJi Dilwa Mangele is sung by Pawan Singh and Monalisa is one of the popular and most viewed and liked Bhojpuri songs by Bhojpuri fans. The music is being given by Rajesh Gupta and it’s written by Vinay Bihari. Pawan Singh and Monalisa can be seen performing an amazing hot dance full of energy and entertainment in the video. Released under T-Series in the year 2014 the video is becoming viral over youtube.

7. Godiya Mein Humra Ke Uthalin: 

From the movie Saiyan Ji Dilwa Mangelein, this song by Pawan Singh and Kalpana starring power hero and singer Pawan Singh and very hot Bhojpuri actress Monalisa. The songs of Pawan and Monalisa have been creating a buzz on youtube and is mostly liked. In the video, Monalisa is looking sizzling hot in a black saree and the killing dance moves makes the video popular and fans keep on enjoying their favorites’ stars songs over the internet being released by T-Series on its official youtube channel. 

8. Piyawa Rahela Hamar Saudi: 

The song by Khesari Lal Yadav from the album Welcome 2014 Bhojpuri and was released in December 2013. The song can be listened in every part or dance shows. The beats of the song can force anyone to tap their feet.

9. Mange Le Chumma Udhar: 

Mange Le Chumma Udhar is one of the famous Bhojpuri songs loved by the audience and this is one of the popular dance number songs. The song is from Mange Le Chumma Udhar and released on 17 Jan 2014.

10. Jayed Jagha Par Jata: 

Songs of Bhojpuri are included in everyone's playlist and the song is one of the hottest ones. The song is sung by Alam Raj. 

These are some of the favourite songs of the Bhojpuri industry that are not only good to hear but they are the most dancing numbers that can lift the mood of audience. One can include these songs in their tracks and enjoy them. 

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