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Some of lesser known facts about recently released TVF web series ASPIRANTS

Discover interesting things about popular web series ASPIRANTS.

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May 23, 2021
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TVF have been exploring a lot about various aspects of the students pursuing various courses or subjects in their life. Their struggle to get admission in good schools, coaching and managing their tough life is beautifully traced by the makers in their every web series. Every character and instances in the story can make audience relate themselves to the web series and the reason for the same is that many facts or characters are based on real life. Let’s know some of the interesting facts associated with web series ASPIRANTS.

Included in top rated Television series

The series is included in IMDB top 250 series and it is placed in the 30th position in the ranking and with this, it has become the first Indian series to be included in the top rates series. It has even the broken the records of TVF previous web series Kota factory which was placed in the 61st position in the rating.

The Director Apoorv Singh Karki was a UPSC Aspirants

The Director Apoorv Singh Karki has successfully directed many web series and TV shows such as Flames, College Romane and Aam Aadmi Family was once a UPSC Aspirant himself. He was preparing for UPSC but he could not clear the examinations. It was because of this reason the TVF founder desired to get the series directed by him. He has done his job very beautifully and maintained the essence of the series.

Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish is an outstanding actor and writer

The series Aspirant is written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish and he is seen in other TVF series. The characters in the series are so interesting and look real. It is his writing that has given the series a greater height. He spends most of the times at the place where the series is shot while writing the series so that its natural essence can be maintained.  

Shooting at more than 50 places

When the shooting for the series started, the lockdown was imposed and it was tough to continue the shooting. It was decided to postpone the shooting but, Arunabh took every initiative to complete the series.

Abhilash Thapliyal completed the shooting in tough times

Abhilash Thapliyal, one of the actors playing the role of SK in the series was going through tough times as his father was battling with cancer. During the shooting, he continued to take care of his father. But he lost his father; during that tough time also he managed to continue and complete the series.

Namita Dubey belongs to an IPS family background

Actress Namita Dubey who is playing the role of Dhairya belongs to a family where most of the members are IAS officers. Her father is a retired IAS officer and also her grandfather is also a retired IAS officer and freedom fighter.

These are some of the interesting Did you Know facts, that can amaze you and make you realize that it has truly kept its natural aspects in the series.

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