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Learn Amazing dance steps and remain fit with famous choreographer Tejas Dhoke

Tap your feet on the dance steps of Tejas Dhoke.

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January 23, 2021
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Tejas Dhoke is a young and popular Choreographer from Nashik, Maharashtra and he is also a successful Dancer and YouTuber. At the age of just 21 he has gained so much of popularity. The dancer belongs to Nashik and his core area is wedding Choreography. This young guy is known for his dances that are having fitness goals. He has a YouTube channel called "Dance Fit Live'' and this is number one dance-based YouTube channel. 

1. Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal

The dance video on the famous song of Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary is most popular among his choreographed songs over youtube. This was a long time waited dance performance for him and after it was in the air it had more than 20 Cr. views on YouTube. The dance steps are so easy and simple that it can be performed by anyone new to dancing. It has been performed by a group in a classroom and the best part of the same can be seen when the real person behind this choreography comes in the second round of the video. He really stole the show.

2. Daru Badnaam Kardi

One of the most performed song Daru Badnaam was taken up by choreographer Tejas very well. Being a Punjabi tadka song, the colour of the same can be seen in dance video also. There is a perfect blend of Punjabi dance in his choreography. The dance has been a given a good start with two girls and the final show has a great performance as all the dancers tune into the music of the songs with Bhangra steps.

3. Ludo

The song Ludo and voice of Tony Kakkar can make anyone dance and the choreographer Tejas has taken up it very nicely with simple choreography. The video has been shot in one take and it starts with the three boys including him in a standing dance steps. Later it is continued by two dancers of which one in a cute girl and her expression and steps are so amazing. The song is completely performed by his group in a marvellous way.

4. Uncha Lamba Kad

The most favourite song of the group on which they have performed and it truly states their fitness goals. It started with Tejas and his dance partner and then complete song is done by the groups with full of energy and grace. It can be seen that the group is performing the song in such a smooth way that anyone can perform it. 

5. Lamberghini 

Another dance number has been rocked by the Tejas group and yes it is Lamberghini. The energy, the steps, the expressions and timing of performance by every group is just wow. Fans and followers love him and his group performances, they always express their views through comments. The dance performances are outstanding and they rock every dance number.

His popularity can be seen with the followers, he has and they are 4.1 Million till May 2020 on his YouTube channel. He has even collaborated with many film stars like Sara Ali Khan, Nora Fatehi, Neha Kakkar, Mauni Roy his channel.

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