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Laal Kaptaan: An Undercooked Movie With Right Ingredients

Fails to attract audience even though Saif Ali Khan takes the lead role,

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November 28, 2019
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Laal Kaptaan, the Saif Ali Khan starrer, is a period drama, revolves around revenge as the central theme. The synopsis goes as under:

Based on late 1700’s, Saif Ali Khan is addressed as Gossain, a Naga Sadhu, who comes into the scene after the Battle of Buxar. He has no first name, no last name and is an ascetic who is homeless, a man with no present or future. He is in a hot war with Rehmat Khan, a Pathan warlord with whom he holds an old hatred and has high scores to settle. Rehmat Khan is a betrayal of Marathas and has fled away with their gold. With him are his wife and a widow, who have their own personal and genuine pursuits to accompany him. He is a cruel and ruthless person; who can massacre dozens of people without a frown on his face. Gossain gets multiple chances to kill Rehmat but he always flies away. Finally, he gets an opportunity where he also gets trapped but is finally able to take his revenge from Rehmat.

Box office poor collection and reasons for failure:

The movie was seen struggling for collection at the box office on day 1 reporting a meager collection of only Rs. 50 lakhs. Let us analyze the reasons for the same:

  1. Too many long drawn scenes.
  2. Absolute unengaging concept.
  3. Lacks the skill of a good and eye-catching concept.
  4. The film, as a whole, misses on the storyline and engulfs the viewers in total confusion with no clue as to what the director actually wants to showcase.
  5. Starts getting monotonous and boring at a very early stage.
  6. None of the characters seem to get ample space to show their skill because of the weak script.
  7. Seems to have an overcrowded plot.

Laal Kaptaan, unfortunately, fails to attract audience even though Saif Ali Khan takes the lead role, proving that it is ultimately the quality that matters as today, the audience has become wise enough to make prudent judgements as to what is being served to them.

By: P3enter10ments