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Kylie Jenner hits backs on being accused for not tagging a Black-owned fashion brand in her Insta post

Kylie Jenner shuts up by her response on refusing to tag a black-owned fashion brand.

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July 12, 2020
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Recently Kylie took her Instagram to share some of the photos of her from a Utah trip, where she was seen in a form-fit orange minidress, one-shoulder with a plunging asymmetrical neckline and drawstring ruching. The dress was designed by Jedidiah’s LoudBrand Studios. Earlier Kylie did not tag the brand in her post and it was felt by the people that it was done purposefully by her. Many of the social media users got angry when they found that the brand was not given importance by her on this post and accused her on refusing to support LoudBrand Studios that is black-owned brand.

Slamming back to those, she denied the allegation and said it was "a reach" and she finds no reason to refuse to show support for the black-owned company and block the comments. ‘It is completely false’ she said. She says this brand is incredible; she wanted to support this and will always continue to support them.

In reply of the post of Kylie, LoudBrand Studios said they are overwhelmed by the love Jill and Kylie have given to them. The things have changed so much for them as she featured the brand in her post. The dress worn by Kylie was immediately sold out from the website of brand. The brand expressed gratitude by mentioning that their support is really unbelievable. Many other dresses were sold out as Kylie shared the post.

Since the whole world is protesting against racism towards Black people, ‘buy black’ has been followed and is one of the remedy for economic inequality being faced by black business owners and entrepreneurs.

By: P3enter10ments