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Kriti Sanon Cute and Elegant Pictures

Kriti Sanon spotted enjoying herself

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June 2, 2020
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Kriti is exactly the replica of her image in her ad film where she shows how pios she is but sometimes her inner kid just jumps out. She has a tall personality and a beautiful charm be it a simple desi girl role or a cool modern girl she fits all the roles right. She is now trending on social media with her cute and glorious pictures. 

Let us take a seak to peek into her picture gallery:

1. The golden beauty:

The beauty is all glammed up with the beautiful golden dress. She is decked up like a queen and showing her glory all around. The elegant beauty is gonna take the world by her charm for sure.

2. The baby girl:

All crazy and happy Kriti Sanon is seen in her happy mood, chilling her stay at home time. She is happy and wanna spread happiness with her smile. Hope this smile stays constant.

3. The clear skin glow: 

Having her clear skin is every girl's dream and she is seen flaunting her clear skin and showing her no-makeup look with such a beautiful smile on her face.

4. The simple yet elegant look:

Kriti is known for her simplicity and calm attitude. This picture is exactly what she is in real life. This picture is something one would pick for the perfect click.

5. The diva: 

A close-up shot of her emerald green outfit and makeup is making this diva light up. She is seen covering a unique trend by making her style statement.

6. The royal queen: 

This is just another click from her royal green gown. She is looking so beautiful and her attitude is aboustly going right with her attire. Seems like this is an award-winning click.

7. The animal love: 

Kriti is seen pampering her pet with the love she has. She is seen playing around at her home with this cute puppy. Definitely, this picture is cute indeed.

8. The black and white: 

This picture is like a flashback memory of the old golden days, a simple hair tied headband with the black and white filter a perfect blend of retro time.

9. Love is love: 

The text written on her T-shirt, is clear about what she wants in her life, ultimately no matter how big you grow its always about love at the end. She is creating her style sassy with her casual T-shirt.

10. In the light:

Holding the candle and the hope in her eye the star is making the gallery go gala. She is looking so calm and is definitely a good picture of the week.

These are some good pictures that are making Kriti's name in the Insta stalk list. Hope you loved these amazing pictures of the star.

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