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Kristen Stewart will step into the shoes of Princess Diana in the upcoming film “Spencer”

The role of Princess Diana in Spencer will be played by Kristen Stewart.

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July 16, 2020
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The fans who are excited to see the story of famous Princess Diana will have to wait for some time as it can be confirmed that Kristen Stewart, the twilight star will be playing the role of Princess Diana in the upcoming movie. The movie will portray the split of princess with Prince Charles. The movie will narrate how she felt over weekends when she realized that her marriage is over now. 

The movie will be directed by Pablo Larrain. It is expected that production of the movie will begin from early 2021. CAA Media Finance has been given the distribution rights in the United States. FilmNation Entertainment will be presenting the film at the next Cannes virtual market to the buyers.

Pablo Larrain told that they were looking for a story about an identity and how a woman goes with her decision apart from being a queen. Talking about Kristen Stewart he said that the reason behind taking her is that she is one of the great actors. They needed an actor who can be a combination of many things and Kristen Stewart can be mysterious, very fragile and at the same time strong as well. 

She will be perfect for that he says. He also mentioned that it is beautiful to see the way she responded to the script and will approach the character. He is confident that she will be doing something marvellous with the role as Princess. About the movie, Larrain said that – he was looking for something unique, which can go wide and connect the people all over the world. The story shall be about an interesting and fascinate life.

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