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Another shock for Hollywood as Kim Kardashian is giving divorce to Kanye West

Kim and Kanye are giving divorce to each other after 7 years of their marriage.

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January 10, 2021
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Kim Kardashian, who appeared in a reality show keeping up with Kardashian, has finally decided to separate her way from his husband Kanye west by giving him a divorce. A ringless finger of Kim in her Instagram picture has also confirmed this news with any speculation. According to the closest sources of both, they have been attending counselling and tried everything to save their marriage, but nothing great has happened.

The reason for the divorce is said that Kanye’s presidential campaign made her come at this point. It is also for her children and her wellbeing. A source also reported that right now, they are not staying together as in fact they have been staying apart for a month. Kim has been living with her children in California and Kanye has been staying at his Wyoming house.

The couple happily married in 2014 in Italy and have four children. As Kanye west mentioned publicly about his mental issue and bipolar disorder in all these phases Kim supported him as best she can do, but after all her support, Kanye never loses any chance to target Kim and her family, which made her more upset and lead to this way of divorce.

One different story which can also be the reason for divorce is that Kanye is busy with his musical piece and not giving enough time to Kim and his children North, Saint, Chicago and psalm. Kim is taking care of everything alone and exhausted. She was also preparing for the bar and studying hard, which was also giving her more stress and all these difficulties created the situation of their separation.

Well, the actual reason for divorce is still unknown. People are just speculating on what can be the possible reason for destroying seven years of marriage.

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