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2nd Installation of movie KGF as KGF: Chapter 2

With the bang on return of Yash get ready to witness the thrilling action

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April 15, 2020
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With the silhouette picture of muscular Yash on a red hot poster released earlier for the sequel of his upcoming movie, having a gun in his hands, coming the words “May I come in...”.  This poster was released as the first look of the movie on the December, 2019. The 2nd installation of the movie KGF-Chapter 2 is all set to release on the October, 2020.

KGF-chapter 2 is the sequel to the super block buster movie KGF-chapter 1 which was earlier released in December, 2018 with the 5 different languages as Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada and now also, the movie will be released in 5 different languages.

The first installation has seen a big success at the box office with the whooping 200-crore collection worldwide with the several box office records broken. The film was also the first movie in Kannada language to get theatres in Pakistan.

Yash is playing a lead role in this movie and the bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt will be playing the role of adheera who is also the villain of movie KGF-chapter 2 and opposite to the actor Yash. As per the reports, the audience can see the tough fight between both the actors during climax scene. The Munna Bhai actor Sanjay Datt is the lead antagonist of this franchise. The shooting has been done at the place of Kolar Golf Fields.

Previously after the release of KGF chapter 1, the Kannada actor received much love and affection from all the corners of the world with the international recognition. On its surprise, the makers have now announced the final release date of the movie KGF-chapter-2 on 23rd of October, 2020. However, after the corona outbreak, the makers have not done any official statement so we can expect the same pace of shooting with the huge set at Hyderabad in coming days where the most of the shootings has been done so far.

In his interview Sanjay Datt has previously said, the antagonist character of Adheera is very powerful yet minded and it is just like the character “Thanos”, if you have seen “Avengers” movie. He has a dangerous mind setup with dangerous intentions.

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