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Kelly Clarkson thanked Jennifer Love Hewitt for her motivated advice after 20 years

Kelly Clarkson reveal that celebs were mean to her in her idol days except Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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January 18, 2021
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Today in the music industry, Kelly Clarkson is the name which everybody knows but in her initial days, she also had to face mean and rude behaviour by the celebs.

Kelly in her talk show ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show' Friday’s episode interviewed the ‘9-1-1’ actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and thanked her after 20 years for giving a piece of motivational advice in some kind of award show, where she was just one of the finalist in the first season of American idol.

Before she started interview of Jennifer, Kelly tried to remind her how grateful Jennifer was with her when Kelly was just a finalist.

Kelly said that Jennifer might be possible that you don't remember this, but it stuck even after 20 years with her from that day. It was the time when Kelly and other finalist went at MTV Awards, people were behaving mean with them because they were from a show which was not very popular as present, it was the first season of American idol. With this kind of rude behaviour of everyone on the carpet, at the show, they were feeling bad. It was a horrible experience for her.

She continued that in that kind of situation when Kelly was feeling bad and down, Jennifer ran up to her out of nowhere and told her that always keep the ones you love so close. It may happen that at the end you only have few people left in your life, but this is the reality of this world, Kelly told.

In her bad time with that advice of kindness, Jennifer motivated her and Kelly thanked her for her kindness, Kelly also added. 

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