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Kate Middleton Posts Her Son's 2nd Birthday Pictures Colored In Paint

Prince Louis Seen With Hands And Face Smeared In Color

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April 25, 2020
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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has shared photos of the second birthday of her son, Prince Louis in which the little one is seen with his hands colored in multi-colored paint. It seems to a cute picture in which the tiny tot is playing with paints and his hands smeared in rainbow colors. Kate has released the photos and portrait of her son depicting the joy of having a little child but not so perfect pictures and moments in a toddler's life. The photos were given a caption and title "🌈 Instagram vs. Reality" on the Instagram account of the royal family.

Prince Louis is seen raising his hands covered with color upwards. In another picture, he is seen with a face smeared in color. His mouth is also covered with paints. The royal couple, Kate and Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge released the cute photographs of their child on his 2nd birthday. It shows the toddler enjoying being smeared with colors and paints. He is looking happy in the pictures playing with colors just as any other kid would.  

Even though Kate and Prince William belong to the royal family, they are enjoying the fun of having a toddler playing with colors as in the real-life of any other person. The photos are original and the royal couple clicked the pictures during the quarantine in the coronavirus crisis that has hugely taken over the world. Their followers and fans commented on the photos of the young one and the proud parents thanked everyone for the warm wishes and comments on their son's birthday.

People who follow them on social media were delighted that they had displayed the real side of a royal family by posting such cute and real life-like pictures of Prince Louis. Princess Eugenie posted a heart emoji in her response to the photos of the little one. Fans have also posted their wishes and comments on the birthday pictures.

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