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Kajal Aggarwal talks about her style and outfit

Kajal Aggarwal reveals her style for different occasions

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November 18, 2019
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In a recent talk with Style Diaries the diva of Tamil and Telugu films, the gorgeous Singham girl Kajal Aggarwal revealed her style for the different occasion. Here is what she committed.

Her outfit for any occasion- She is most comfortable in well-fitted pair of jeans, high stilettos, and a well-fitted tank top.

Outfit while going on a date- When asked what would be her go-to outfit while going on a date she committed it would be something feminine like a printed dress.

Outfit for wedding-Talking about wedding dress she said she would prefer the same she was wearing during the interview. She wore a dress designed by Ritika Manchandani, a contemporary skirt with layers and a tight fitted blouse.

Her Sunday outfit- It includes shorts and a loose t-shirt. If a friend walks in casually than he or she will find her in track pants and Ganji.

Neckpieces or ear rings-On asked whether she would go with neck pieces over earrings, she replied it depends on where she is going. She goes with statement pieces so she will prefer neck pieces over earring.

Lace or leather- She will prefer Lace over leather as she is trying not to harm animals so she trying for no leather route that a difficult thing but she is trying.

Glam or No makeup -Calling herself a lazy actor, she loves to go out with No makeup as compared to glam look.

Which type of sarees she loves to wear - She says her mum has got a large collection of sarees precisely delicated chiffon and georgette sarees with nice heavy border, she prefers georgette than any other fabric.

Which bag she loves to Carry - She loves carrying half of her home in her bag, so she takes Balenciaga tote with her which looks great and she can dump a lot of stuff in it. While going out at night she takes sling to put some knick knacks and she is done, also she prefers Chanel sling bags and Valentino sling bags.

This is what Kajal Aggarwal talked about her style.

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