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Justin's tattoo free look shocked and amazed his fans at the same moment

Bieber's transformation is a demand for his new video Anyone.

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January 5, 2021
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Justin Bieber, who is famous among the youth not only for his singing talent but also for a unique thing and that is his tattoo over his body. Recently, Justin shocked and amazed his fans at the same time by posting a video clip with the caption “No tats for the #Anyonevideo, ” and in which Justin was sitting in a chair while his chest and arms were trying to be covered with make-up to conceal his ink. This transformation divided his fans into two groups- one who likes this tattoo-free are amazed and others who can’t image Justin without his tattoo and it is shocking news for them.

This tattoo-free look of Justin is a demand of his portrayal of Rocky as a  boxer in the new music video for his recent single, “Anyone” and the video, Justin has posted was preparing him for the shoot. Because in the music video as a boxer Justin is going to be seen as dedicated himself to boxing and practising in the backyard and beaches before finally fight against the opponent. 

He was in the moment of losing the match but suddenly regains all his power and strength with which he is able to defeat the opponent and won the match. Apart from his struggle and winning the competition, there is a love story going on between the boxer and a girl whose character portrayed by Zoe Deutch, and the fans will love their chemistry it is hoping by the maker.

Justin sang “Anyone” in a concert “Mobile Presents: NYE Live With Justin Bieber” and officially released the single at midnight on  1st Jan. On this occasion, he also said that he thought it was a better way to close 2020 and start 2021 with his fans all over the world by sharing his new music with them. He also added that music helped him a lot as a healer and everyone also so many people have suffered in 2020. He expects hat Anyone will lead to a special, hopeful and brighter future full of hope and possibilities.

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