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Journey of Sylvester Stallone in Hollywood Movies

Rocky become a turning point for his career but to reach there he has sacrificed many things.

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May 8, 2021
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Actor, director and writer, Sylvester Stallone is one of the best-known celebrity in Hollywood. In the world, it is nature's rule that everyone has to work to fulfil their dreams but for some people this rule goes through a lot of pain and hardship, that is what exactly happened with Sylvester Stallone. 

Today, all Hollywood lovers know Sylvester Stallone and admire him for his good physique, great height and many more reasons, but this stardom didn’t get very easily, Sylvester also had seen the time when people rejected him even he had no money to sleep and an apartment to live.

Let's take a look back on Sylvester Stallone journey as an actor:

Starting from nothing

Sylvester Stallone has no filmy background. He is the first in his family who become an actor. Sylvester whose face left side is paralysed has proved that if you dream something you will get it one day but you just need patience and a lot of sacrifices.

Sylvester journey as an actor started with New York City for which he even left his studies when it almost came to an end.

In New York, Sylvester Stallone tried out everything and contacted many agents but all his attempt got failed. Because of going to the library he got interested in reading and wrote the screenplay but he didn’t succeed here also. To get some livelihood he also worked in different jobs but left them for his acting career. 

Come to the breaking point 

No getting any financial stability lead Stallone to the way where he had to left his apartment and sleep in Port Authority Bus Terminal before his first break.

Stallone got his first role in the softcore pornography film for that he received only $200. He told in an interview that he took this role out of desperation because at that time he had only two choices either to take the role or rob someone.

Got the role but not satisfied 

Around 1972, Stallone had reached his breaking point. Despite his many efforts be didn’t get any lead role still cast in What's Up, Doc? but here he was hardly visible in his two appearances.

Stallone got his first role as a star in the movie No Place to Hide in 1973. After that, he did many roles in the lead, guest appearances etc. but these didn’t give him any recognization and this went on for some period.

Finally reached the dream 

In 1975, the fight between Muhammad Ali vs. Chuck Wepner gave Sylvester an idea to write the script of which he named Rocky. Rocky became the turning point of Sylvester Stallone life. It gave him everything which he always dreamt of. After having written rocky in 3 days with continuous writing, Stallone tried to sell the script but he put one condition in front of the producer that he would play the role of rocky. After so many rejections he finally got a producer who liked his script but they didn’t agree to take him as a lead. They offered Stallone many different amounts even more than a hundred thousand dollars which stallon required for his better survival still Stallone rejected the offer and finally producer agreed on the Stallone deal but on the very low amount, still Stallone ready to do the film.

After the release, Rocky became a blockbuster hit and nominated for several awards included Oscar also. After rocky Sylvester Stallone became the star in the true words and all his hard work and patience made him today's Sylvester Stallone.

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