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Jennifer Winget Reacts On The Abrupt End Of Beyhadh 2

Helplessness Of Crew Over Sudden And Unnatural Ending Of The Show

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May 6, 2020
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Beyhadh 2 is a popular serial that is seen by people on Sony TV channel. The second season of the show started telecast in December 2019. The star cast includes Jennifer Winget and Shivin Narang. After running 86 episodes, the makers of the soap opera decided to stop the telecast on 31 March 2020 due to the current coronavirus epidemic that has caused huge devastation all over the world including India. The show had an abrupt ending that was not the exact way the end was planned originally. Jennifer has expressed her sadness over that the story could not be filmed naturally and had to be aborted suddenly with a different ending.

Jennifer said that the makers had planned to end the serial in May. Since the government has ordered lockdown in the fear of coronavirus infection spreading in people, the crew couldn't continue with the shooting. There were a lot of restrictions that did not allow shooting the show till its natural end as was planned earlier. This is not only for Beyhadh 2 but for all other soap operas running over the television. Shooting for other shows has been halted and the television industry is facing bad times due to the epidemic.

Since there were concerns about ensuring the safety of the actors and crew, the producers decided to stop the shooting before its end was due in May. The actors and members of the team couldn't be present physically to shoot the serial. Thus, the actors could not continue and the show was stopped with a different ending. Fans have posted their frustration and unhappiness over ending the show on social media. There was one person among the fans who threatened to end his life and commit suicide due to this. Shivin Narang has reacted that the crew is helpless and fans should not harm themselves in any way for this. 

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