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Jennifer Lopez Recomposes the Hip Hop Songs of 1990s to Sing at the Christmas Carol

Jennifer gives a successful Christmas Carol performance with hip hop songs of the 90s

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December 28, 2019
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Yeah! Here we are talking about Jennifer Lopez who recomposed and sang the hip hop songs of 1990s to represent them at the Christmas Carol. She was much excited when she recomposed the hip hop tunes of the 1990s for the Saturday night live show. This show appeared like a great and memorable epic as the Hollywood star Jenifer gave a fine musical treat to the entire audience in live mode. You might know that she is now in her age of 50 years yet she has earned a fine credit as an actor and singer in the Hollywood world. She got a break in the Hollywood at In Living Color Back during the year 1994. Again she has proved her worth and credit in front of the audiences. Jennifer gave a successful performance during the Christmas Carol by singing it in partnership with music stars like Pete Davidson and Heidi Gardner.

Jennifer grabbed the hearts of the audience with her recomposed tunes

When the carol show commenced then Jennifer started on it with “What would you do” a live tune of the year 2001. This was a perfect starting cover for the Hollywood start and music singer. Again she sang a song on the title what would you do when your son is alone at home feeling hungry. This song proved to be a throwback on the highlights of songs that were composed and sung before last 15 years. Most of the audiences enjoyed listening to these tunes as it was being sung by Jennifer as she was their favorite. The song Home Alone got more attention yet some people were expecting Jennifer to sing Carol in honor of Jesus. She sang with the Chorus that was very popular during the year 1998. 

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