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Is Rihanna a Muslim? Is Rihanna Pakistani?, or Is Rihanna a Pakistani spy? Has become the common questions according to the Google

Rihanna tweet created curiosity in the people to know more about her especially about her religion and whether is she a Pakistani?

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February 7, 2021
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Rihanna, an international pop singer, is trending on the social media these days because with her one and only tweet which has created a whole buzz not only in India but in the united states also.

The whole matter has started when Rihanna tweeted - why aren’t we talking about this?! With linked it to a CNN report over the shutdown Internet facility near the protest site border and added a hashtag #farmerprotest on Tuesday, after which other international celebrities also tweeted about this report.

In response to Rihanna tweet, MEA also tweeted on Wednesday and said that before pointing out any issue, everyone should get proper knowledge about it and then comment. He also pointed out the efforts which the government are trying to solve this issue.

Many Indian celebrities supported MEA tweet and also started some new hashtag such as #indiaagainstpropaganda through which they are requesting to people stay together and don’t be affected by these kinds of tweet.

As Rihanna's tweet is seen as creating a mess around the public of the nation and also linked with hidden propaganda, there is some question is also generating in people mind.

Like those people who have no idea about Rihanna is searching about her. But, according to Google searches, some people of India are also searching about her religion, whether she belongs to Pakistan or not. Is she a spy or not? etc. which is also making her trending on the social media platform.

But there is some another tweet came which said that people linked her to Pakistan because of her meeting Zulfi Bukhari who is also a special assistant of Pakistan prime minister Imran khan.

What is the real reason behind these types of question is still unlimited but one thing is certain that this buzz has made her trending and created so many questions.

By: P3enter10ments