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What the India’s first female Air Force officer Gunjan Saxena says about her biopic movie

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil girl skipping theatres, will go through Netflix.

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August 10, 2020
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Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl is yet another inspiring Biopic movie that is based on the real-life story of India’s first female Air Force officer called Gunjan Saxena, who flies in a combat zone during Kargil war in the year 1999. Since the COVI-19 Pandemic has kept the theatres shut all over, the movie makers has skipped the theaters and decided to release the movie on Netflix on 12th August, 2020.

Recently a video clip was released by Netflix, were Janhvi Kapoor, the actress in lead role as Gunjan, Pankaj, Sharan and the lady of Kargil ‘Gunjan’ were having a discussion on the making of this biopic movie. In the video, Gunjan shared how her experience of flying was and says that once you take on the pilot’s position, the machine has no idea “whether a man or a woman is flying it.” The trailer of the movie shows the journey of the Gunjan and the gender discrimination she faced at that time. The Kargil lady also expressed that she doesn’t find a reason why someone desires to make a biopic on her life? One does not find the life exciting unless the people look upon it.

The young actress playing the role of Gunjan in the movie, Janhvi Kapoor says that Gunjan is the real inspiration for all Indian women and also shares an incident from the sets of movie, when Gunjan visited the set and asked her whether she gets tired, and she replied that it’s just she is pretending what she (Gunjan) has done for the country and she is asking “if she has tired.”

The maker of the movie Sharan Sharma will be natural and honest as the real Gunjan is.

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