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Impact Of Covid19 On Disney’s Businesses

Disney Registers Loss Due To The Current Crisis

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May 9, 2020
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Disney’s stocks in the share market are witnessing a major downfall owing to the coronavirus pandemic that has affected people all over the world. Disney is a media giant and its growth and profits have been affected due to the current crisis. The Covid19 epidemic was sudden and it will have a prolonged impact on businesses including that of Disney. The media company registered a good profit last year but the situation is different now.

Major loss has been reported by share market analysts for Disney for the 2nd quarter. The reopening of some parts of the world has given some hope yet the future is uncertain. Entertainment companies like Disney have suffered a big loss due to coronavirus. The fear of the disease in public has led to the closing of Disney’s theme parks that were a source of revenue for it. The cruise line's profits have also reduced. Some hotels of the company have been closed and it has seen a dip in profits.

Movie production in the studios has been stopped. ESPN sports channel is not showing any sports and it has also suffered a loss. Most people are ditching their cable connection and it is a huge setback for the producers and media companies. Television advertising has reduced leading to a loss of profits. Despite the losses, the trend of subscribing to streaming platforms is gaining popularity among the public and this sector has registered profits for Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming companies.

The Covid-19 crisis has had a great impact on businesses and the entertainment industry. Even if Disney’s theme parks reopen in the future times, yet there will a fear of public places and socializing in the minds of people and it might harm Disney’s businesses. The lockdown enforced by the government will have a long-lasting effect and the public is less likely to use public facilities like earlier. It is expected that people will be careful about spending money and they may not spend much on public entertainment and theme parks. 

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