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The largest Hollywood studio Warner Bros. announces to release 2021 Films on HBO Max and Theaters both.

With limited time available on streaming platforms, 2021 movies to see theatres.

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December 13, 2020
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Covid 19 pandemic has caused all the theatres shut in many parts of the world and no doubt has hardly hit the business of the theatre industry. But with passage of time, initiatives are taken to reopen the theatres. Recently the Hollywood biggest studio Warner Bros made an announcement that major movies will see the theatres as well as streaming platforms for a limited time. Every film will be releasing simultaneously on theatres and HBO Max. This step of Warner media is a great choice that is left to the consumers whether they choose for the theatres or the online streaming services. Now the control is in their hands.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar on this move explained that they see an opportunity in this move and this is mainly taken focusing the fans. This is a choice and the said choice is to offer choice to the fans whether they love to see the major movies at cinemas or desire to have HBO Max or both.

The 17 movies that in the queue include:

With this announcement, the shares of AMC as well as Cinemark dropped. With this announcement, several other studios have followed the same move. With this step, there was many signups for the HBO Max and for sure during this pandemic; audiences have more given preference to the online streaming platform. Netflix Inc and Walt Disney Co’s Disney+ have joined this year and still new strategies are being framed.

On studios this major move, the head of AMC Entertainment said that they are initiating a talk with the studio for this move and a surprising decision. The Chief Executive of AMC Adam Aron mentioned that he has given his consent for one movie only to stream and theater release at the same time. The movie is “Wonder Woman” that will be releasing in Christmas. He further said that the studio might be thinking to give up its profit for subsidizing the streaming Platform HBO Max.

Various concessions have been also taken into consideration by the operators and they have put their suggestion that it is good to get the movie released over theatres now with less favourable conditions that it was done earlier. This will help them to increase the ticket sales and ultimately will help them to recover from the bad situation they have faced during the pandemic. 

The other option has been to put them in them online leaving theatrical releases with new content. Till now, the chains have made many concessions that will go for a longer period even after the pandemic. Till the vaccine for Covid -19 comes, theatres continue to bridge the gap with a hope that the audience will turn with good response.

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