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Games of Thrones: Ranking of all Seasons

Some seasons of G.O.T are above in ranking compare to others as they are the audience's favourite.

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February 27, 2021
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If you are a web series lover you must have heard about the American series games of thrones which is considered as an epic series of all time. This HBO series has ended but its craze still not faded. The series has many seasons and each season carry forward the existing story with some new twist and dramas. Although all the seasons are superb still some seasons have got good ranking in terms of the audience's favourite compare to other seasons of the same series. So, Let' us find out why some seasons are the audience's favourite and some failed to impress them according to their ranking.

Before starting the ranking it is necessary to know how many seasons of game of thrones are there. In total it is the eight seasons and we ranked them in order from low to high.

8) Season 8:

It is the final season of the series and instead of creating a good impression, this season is the least favourite of the audience not because it was a final season but it has various elements which make it not worthy of a good ranking.

There have good elements such as the battle against the Night King, Dany’s sacking of King’s Landing, the Queen in the North, that fireside singalong.

But all these good elements are overpowered by low the elements like Dany was seeing mad, John and Rheagal rode is also failed to impress the audience which was important for the series, Jaime’s sudden turn back to King’s Landing. Rushing is one of the main reason for season failure because it felt those things which have taken so much time to happen and happening quickly and easily.

7) Season 5:

Although in this season a high voltage drama was present still it failed to win the heart of the viewers. The information and culture which belongs to Dorne are barely available to see, the sons of the harpy and Sansa's rape didn’t create any interest.

Still, some good things which entertained the audience are: The Battle of Hardhome, Dany asked Tyrion for becoming her advisor; the Night’s Watch betrayed Jon; Sansa and Reek escape Winterfell together, Stannis’ fall.

6) Season 2:

This season covered many sequences such as Arya hangs with Tywin Lannister, Tyrion showed as a political mastermind of the King’s Hand and Brienne pledges herself to Catelyn.

The Battle of the Blackwater is a key feature of this season as is Tyrion’s tenure as the King’s Hand. Still, the storyline and character seem indifferent in this season.

5) Season 1:

It is a starting season of game of thrones which mingled several items together such introduction of Westeros, Essos characters and the kingdoms,  Arya’s training, Ned Stark’s beheading, Daenerys’ rape and several other story elements which serve as a fresh piece of entertainment.

The location where was the game of thrones filmed was the perfect combination of story and given it the desired quality.

The thing which makes Game of Thrones better than any other tv shows that in the first season every issue and things are said around which the other seasons are framed.

Introduction of Starks and his family. How starks are forced to join Westeros and also to become king's hand after the death of Jon Arryn. Besides starks, there are an introduction of Westeros and Essos kingdom and the characters belong to the kingdom.

4) Season 4:

The Lannister family drama is one of the key elements of the season. It doesn’t matter how many seasons of games of thrones occurred before this season, it reignited the fuel when someone poisoned the groom Joffrey in his wedding. It also put a stone of King’s Landing murder mystery. It also showed Arya and the Hound road trip where one wants to kill others or for the reward.

While Dany story still felt repetitive and Bran’s story is also boring as no development had made throughout the season.

Some other factors such as Jaime rapes Cersei next to his dead son, Bran’s trek across the North, Shae’s murder are relevant for the story.

3) Season 7:

Some impossible things occur in this seasons such as Jon and Dany fighting wights together with dragons, some exceptional battle sequences, like the Loot Train sequence, and the happiness which can be seen on the face of each of the characters, even the minor ones, and reunion.

In the season, Plots ran very fast and also reveal a lot of secrets but is also make the further storyline boring.

Still, despite the fact, this season ended with the victory of  Night King over the dragon and also turning it into a flying wight, and with the help, they move forward to the Wall.

2) Season 3:

This season with the concept of  The Red Wedding increases interest and also showed the friendship between Brienne and Jaime, the sequence when Tyrells enter the fray and Yara decision to save Theon are the main highlights of this season.

This seasons also increases more intensity in the political dimensions compare to the other two seasons and one of the best season of Jon snow.

1) Season 6:

This season is considered the best season of all the game of thrones series. Several elements such as it are the scene of  Melisandre brings life back to him,  Theon supports Yara for power, Battle of the Bastards meeting of Dany and Yara; Jaime and Edmure Tully talk; The Hound hangs out with Ian McShane. Still, there are some flaws like why Tyrion drinks wine when grey worm and Missandei look on makes no sense, random visit of sam to his home.

This season is showing the real creativity in the narrative and the best mixed up of story with their character in the satisfying and unexpected areas.

Games of Thrones in all its seasons shows the politics and dilemma of the people around the thrones. The fictional lands and the story reminds medieval England. It can be considered as the historical series in the context of war, supremacy, rights, conspiracy, kingdoms, power, rules etc. All the seasons may not impress the audience but some have entertained them which have got a good ranking. Besides the storyline, the character sketch of each character and the actors who played this rules whether it was Stark, Jon Snow, Dany etc. are also very important to mention without their marvellous acting and effort the story can't be epic.

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