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Finally, after two years Adele and Simon come to the divorce Settlement

Adele and Simon have announced their split two years ago but the settlement came now.

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January 27, 2021
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Singer-songwriter, Adele finally on Friday reaches to the common ground with her ex-husband Simon in the divorce. According to the sources, they have submitted the judgement packet to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. In April of the year 2019, the couple announced their separation and after that within five months they also submitted all the documents for the proceedings, but there were a lot of things they need to settle down before they divorce which they did with the help of a mediator.

In all these things, the main area was concerned that the custody of the couple's child which both his parents wanted. Adele and Simon have only child named Angelo. According to the sources, the couple decides that both will do the care of their child in short the joint custody of their child.

After they decided on child custody, they need to determine the rights to community property and debts.

According to reports, Konecki documented for settlement along with Adele on Thursday and the settlement got finalised to $171 million which means Adele has to pay a large sum of money to her husband.

Adele and her ex-husband started dating each other in the year 2011 and welcomed their child Angelo in the year 2012. Although there was a rumour of their secret wedding, the couple tied the knot officially in 2016. But they have a difference in their opinions and their marriage didn’t work which lead them to announce their split in 2019.

Now after two years they have decided everything and the paperwork related to divorce has completed but the marriage will not dissolve until the judge approves the divorce.

Now let see what the judge will decide.

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