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Some unknown facts related to Rashmika Mandanna Marriage

‘Is Rashmika married' is asked by many of her fans after knowing about her relationship with Rakshit.

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February 14, 2021
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Rashmika Mandanna is a popular actress who has won people's heart with her smiling face has also gone through a broken relationship.

Rashmika has given many blockbuster hits such as Geeta Govindam, Chamak, Kirik party, Anjani Putra etc. Rashmika has a past relationship with his co-star Rakshit Shetty with whom she met during the shooting of her movie Kirik party in July 2017 and after a while, these two started to date each other.

Although social media is filled with the dating rumour of these two, to keep it as a secret, they addressed their relationship talk as rumours such as Rashmika said to Public Tv that they are just rumours, even she has no time love as she is busy with her career and these kinds of rumours are not good for her career. Talking about Rakshit, she said that she feels sorry for him that he also has to face these kinds of rumours.

It could be possible that those time it was just the rumours but soon it became the reality of these two when the couple announced their engagement in public in July 2017. But it is quite unfortunate that this cute couple broke their relationship with mutual understanding in September 2018.

Even this news is confirmed by Rashmika mother on a local channel, where she also showed her emotion.

On Rakshit side to talk about his relationship with Rashmika. Some days later he wrote on his Facebook post that people have formed an opinion about Rashmika according to the way it projected to them. He continued that he knew Rashmika better than anyone for 2 years. There were so many reasons behind their decision, so people stop judging and let her live in peace.

Now in 2021, both celebrities are living their life happily and busy with their work.

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