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Extraction Becomes A Huge Hit On Netflix

Actors, Crew, And Filmmakers Happy At The Success Of The Movie

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May 10, 2020
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Extraction has become a huge hit on Netflix and its lead star Chris Hemsworth has expressed his thanks and gratitude to the public for seeing the movie and making it the most popular film on the streaming platform. It’s an action thriller movie with a story taken from a graphic novel Ciudad. The movie was launched on Netflix in the last week of April 2020.

Critics have admired the acting skills of the stars who have acted in the film. However, they did not like the story and were also critical of showing scenes of excess violence. A sequel to the movie is in operation and fans will get a chance to see the second part in the future times. Chris Hemsworth used the social media platform Instagram to convey his thanks and gratefulness to the audience. He posted his thanks that Extraction had become the number one movie and he was grateful to fans for that.

Netflix had declared that the movie was in the topmost position in the list of movies of the most-watched premiere. More and more people are watching movies on streaming platforms and apps due to the coronavirus pandemic and Netflix has gained a lot of popularity among users. During the initial four weeks when Extraction was first released on Netflix, it was watched by ninety million homes. This proves how popular the movie is and how many fans like it.

The plot of the movie revolves around a story of rescuing the kidnapped son of a drug lord hailing from India. Chris plays the role of Tyler Rake who is given the responsibility of this rescue and he is hired for the task. The script of the movie is written by Joe Russo and Sam Hargrave is the director. Extraction is produced by Joe and his brother Anthony. It is one of the biggest hits of Netflix and continues to be watched by fans and the public. The actors, filmmakers, and crew are happy and elated at the response people have given to the movie.  

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