Do you know Emma Watson Chose Public Transport Till She Was 18?

Emma Watson Chose Public Transport Over A Car Till She Was 18

Decision To Lead A Normal Life By Emma Watson By Choosing To Travel By A Public Bus Till She Was 18.

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April 29, 2022
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Emma Watson is a famous actor who began her acting career at an early age. She played a role in Harry Potter when she was just 9. Most of us think that celebrities become famous overnight, but this is not the case for every movie star. Most artists and actors slog hard to achieve success. Life is tough for them till they get a break and gain fame. Emma’s life has undergone a huge transformation since she bagged a role in a Harry Potter movie. However, she continued living the life of a normal person without being affected by her celebrity status. It is known now that Emma traveled by public transport till she was 18.

After she became a celebrity with a role in a Harry Potter movie, Emma was in the limelight and the focus of the media and the press. Fans began congregating outside her home, forcing her to temporarily relocate to a hotel. But still, Emma decided to have a normal childhood like other kids her age. She traveled on the Oxford Tube and chose public transport rather than traveling in a car or private transport like other celebrities. Emma used to take a bus to go to London from her home and return. She traveled on a public bus like any other citizen.

Emma soon realized that people in the bus station recognized her and gathered around her. She didn’t want to create a spectacle anymore. After she turned 18, Emma started using a car to travel. She bought a car and applied for a driver’s license. Emma had become a multimillionaire with her earnings from the Harry Potter movies in which she had acted. She purchased the car with self-earned money. Emma also spent some of her money on buying a laptop for herself. She gave a vacation to her dad and enjoyed a holiday in Tuscany with him.

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