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Eminem seeks apology to his previous collaborator Rihanna in his new album

Fans surprised with Eminem new album titled Music to Be Murdered By.

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December 24, 2020
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The famous rapper Eminem surprised his fans with the release of a new album. The album titled as Music to Be Murdered By has been released on Friday. The album consists of 16 new songs along with track Zeus.

But the most surprising thing about his album is that some of the lyrics of the album has been addressed to Rihanna who is his former collaborator. In the album he has apologized to Rihanna in the track Zeus. The lyrics says that he apologies for the song that leaked and he promised to be honest and he wholeheartedly apologies to that. He says he does not have the intention to put her in grief. He is talking about the incident where Chris assaulted Rihanna. It was about lyrics that were leaked in the year 2019 about Chris Brown.

Both of them had a good journey together. In 2010's they did "Love the Way You Lie", Numb in 2012 and "The Monster" was released in the 2013. Being together they were at the top of Billboard rap singles chart in the year 2010 for the song, "Love the Way You Lie”. Even in an interview with Sway Calloway in MTV News Rihanna said that Eminem is one of her favorite artists. It was just after recording of the said song "Love the Way You Lie" Both were even together for 2014 Monster tour and even after that they were tour mates.

Not only Eminem has apologized in his album, but also has mentioned many other issues that were highlights for the year 2020 such as Coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. Names of Former NFL star quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick can also be heard in the rapper album.

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