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Eminem apologises to black-owned media company after they hit back at him over Diss Track

Eminem reply & apologies to Revolt for being an unneeded Distraction.

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June 30, 2020
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After the new song of Eminem got leaked, he apologized to the black-owned company. In the said song Eminem attacked ‘revolt’ and some of the other people from the music industry. After the song, the rapper was hit back by the company by mentioning Eminem that, why is it that someone who is a guest in black culture thinks he can talk about Revolt. It also mentioned that Revolt is authentic and real Black media Company that is by majority having black team and owned by black entrepreneur. They are performing an important work while using this platform for social justice and equality which is the need to present time. The way Eminem has come is an unneeded distraction and that is not well. As a voice and a platform, they need to be supported.

After realizing the mistake, Eminem on Twitter apologized and agreed with Revolt and said it was an unnecessary distraction. He disclosed that he has no beef with the company and his intention was also not to attack the Black-owned company at this time. He also revealed that he will be happy to have an opportunity to work with the Black company on something positive aspect and move it all in a different direction.

It all started when Revolt TV hit hardly and abusing Eminem in the last week for the leaked verse ‘Bang’ was in the air and goes viral.  He took differently the host Joe Budden and Diddy’s Media Company in that. However later he tried to smoothen the things anyhow. At this point it is still unclear that whether the offer to work together will be seen or not.

By: P3enter10ments