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Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim's the love birds

Love beyond religion

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February 28, 2020
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Dipika and Shoaib are the most adorable couple on the small screen and also off-screen. They have been spreading the romance all over the TV industry right from their relationship to their wedding. The Instagram account of Dipika and Shoaib shows the chemistry between them. Let's peep into some amazing pictures of this love bird.

1. The love date:

This picture is posted by dipika on her Instagram where the couple is seen enjoying a romantic morning date. They both are immense in love and never fail to express it out. 

2. The color match:

We all know that opposites attract but sometimes the balance in both makes life easy. This picture of love shows how similar they are when they are together. It's all balance love. 

3. Love makes you pampered:

No matter how old you grow but you always choose to be the kid when with your loved one. This picture shows the hidden kid within both the souls. 

4. The day to remember:

It was the day when the two souls promised to leave all the religion barriers behind and walk ahead with love. And yes she said yes to this man, and they choose to be one. Forever Mr and Mrs. 

5. The perfect moment of life:

This picture is a true heart touching one. They both look deeply in love and the scene look picture perfect. So let's fall in love with this story of love. 

All these pictures are truly deep in love, and are really heartwarming. 

By: P3enter10ments