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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh Rock the Internet with Latest Hairstyle and Winning Comments

Deepika and Ranveer storm the world of Bollywood and internet with their hairstyle and comments

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December 28, 2019
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The social media has always highlighted the life events of actress Deepika Padukone on top. Recently the versatile actress heart throbbed her latest hair style on Instagram. On the same hand the comments of Ranveer Singh in the world of internet also were nice cup of tea for the audiences. The glamorous photo shoot outs of Deepika left a nice and passionate impression on the hearts of her fans who adored her. The actress also celebrated her 1st marriage anniversary with her husband Ranveer Singh the noted Bollywood actor at Tirupati and Amritsar. This event was like a heavenly dream. Today Deep and Veer as called by them to each other are being considered as the hottest couple in Mumbai and in the world of Bollywood. Both of them were seen to drop appealing comments on each other’s photos at Instagram. The audiences were thrilled and impressed by the gushing comments of Ranveer about the latest hairstyle of his wife Deep.

Instagram rocks with the comments of Ranveer about his wife’s new look

According to the latest sources of news Deepika looked and appeared quit pretty with her fresh and new hairstyle. She also sported well with her new makeup and make over. DP simply seduced her hubby Ranveer and he added a comment to her photo “Maar Doh Mujhe”. This comment was a small one yet it acted as a winning comment in the eyes of the audiences. Even other Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt appreciated the new looks of Deepika with a sincere heart. Instagram rocked with the comments of these stars and got much internet traffic that watches their photos and comments.  

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