Death Of Rishi Kapoor And Irrfan Khan A Huge Loss To Bollywood

Death Of Rishi Kapoor And Irrfan Khan A Huge Loss To Bollywood And Indian Diaspora

Tributes Paid To Rishi And Irrfan By Fans Worldwide

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May 9, 2020
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The Indian film industry has suffered a major and irreversible loss by the sudden demise of two of the finest actors - Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan. Both were fighting cancer and died one after another within a gap of a single day. Fans are shocked at the news of their death and the entire Bollywood is in a state of deep sorrow. Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan had a huge fan following both in India and abroad. Non-resident Indians who live in the US and other countries feel they have lost the gems of the Hindi movie industry as they loved the two actors and watched their films.

Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and Rishi Kapoor was suffering from Leukemia. The former died of a colon infection on 29th April 2020 while Rishi had breathing difficulty and left us on 30th April. Due to the current coronavirus crisis and lockdown, their funeral was a quiet affair with only a few family members and other people being present in the last rites. The world is already in terrible condition due to the horror of coronavirus and, tragically, Rishi, and Irrfan have left us for an unknown world in heaven.

Indians who live in the US could relate to Rishi and Irrfan well and they loved the films in which they acted. The actors seemed like a family to the NRIs residing abroad. Indians have a deep love for films and the sudden demise of Irrfan and Rishi is like a personal loss to them. The actors were very brave and battled with cancer until the end. Tributes have been pouring from all parts of the world from people who enjoyed their movies and loved them with their hearts.

Both actors had a unique image in Bollywood. Rishi carved an image of a romantic hero for himself while Irrfan played serious roles in movies. They worked in some international projects too that made them famous among NRIs and foreigners. Rishi played the role of a handsome and sweet romantic hero and was loved by all who watched his films. Irrfan has given some memorable roles in movies although his physical appearance and looks did not match the conventional hero image. Yet, his acting skills were recognized and admired by filmmakers and fans both.

Indian diaspora has great respect for Rishi and they identified themselves with the roles he played in films. The story of his movies was based on relationships and love that made viewers happy and jolly. Rishi belonged to the great Kapoor family that made a name for itself in Indian cinema. His father Raj Kapoor was a great actor of his times. Rishi gave some very big hits like Bobby, Prem Rog, and Chandni.

People stream movies of Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan on the internet and enjoy watching them. Rishi Kapoor movies from the decade of ’70s, 80,s, and later years are watched again and again by cinema lovers both in India and other countries. Online streaming has made it easy to watch movies from the yesteryears without any problem.

Irrfan Khan's role in the movie Salaam Bombay gained a lot of appreciation and he ventured into foreign cinema with movies like Slumdog Millionaire. He gave a strong performance in the movie Life of Pi. People loved his role in Piku, The Namesake, Hindi Medium, The Lunchbox, and Pann Singh Tomar. Irrfan gained fame for Maqbool in which he played the role of Macbeth.

Fans from all parts of the world and neighboring countries have felt the loss at the death of the two actors and paid their tributes in the fond memory of their beloved stars. Amul Butter has paid its tribute to Rishi and Irrfan in the latest ads they have made in which they have animated the characters of Rishi and Irrfan in an advertisement of Amul butter. The loss of these stars is irreversible but they shall always remain in our memory and hearts.

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