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Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres’ Controversial Interview gets Viral on Social Media Sites

Dakota Johnson the leading actress has a friendly chat at The Ellen Talk Show

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December 25, 2019
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The latest news about actress Dakota Johnson is that 'I DO LIKE YOU!'- Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres’ give a controversial interview clip on birthday invite at Youtube and Twitter. Dakota Johnson recently made her appearance on The Ellen Show and the video of this show has gone viral everywhere especially on You Tube the most premiere social media site. This show was hosted by Ellen De Generes and the host gave a warm welcome to Dakota after the eve of her birthday. Dakota Johnson the actress of 30 years age had a live chat with the host Ellen who was presiding over The Ellen Show a leading interview platform for all kinds of celebrities. Both of them had a live conversation and viewers enjoyed to see them together on the same interview platform. Ellen has made this video viral on You Tube. Ellen forgot one thing that she was invited to take an interview of Dakota that 30 aged actress and she had a hang out on the topic of George W Bush.

What was the friendly complaint of Ellen?

Ellen popped up the topic of the birthday of Dakota Johnson and asked how the birthday party was? She added a friendly complaint that she was not invited. Even Twitter users came to know about this friendly complaint. During the weekend of Dakota’s birthday party Ellen was seen sporting with his wife Portia De Rossi at the Cow Boys game in the Dallas. For this reason Dakota didn’t mind inviting him to her birthday party in which she was seen to promote her new upcoming movie “The Peanut Butter Falcon”. Yet Ellen announced that this was not the exact reason due to which Dakota Johnson did not give him an invite to her Birthday celebration. 

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