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Controversy between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston During Golden Globes Awards 2020

The Hollywood ex-couple ignored one another

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January 25, 2020
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Yes there is something fishy about the controversy between Hollywood stars Brat Pitt and Jennifer Aniston during the Golden Globes Awards 2020. Most fans of these two were expecting to have a hot chemistry with each other. Yet we have come to know that these ex-couples did not even look and chat with one another during the award ceremony of Golden Globes 2020. Brad and Jennifer sat under the same roof during the award ceremony at this Hollywood function. Most people had a hope that these two stars will talk to each other in a warm way. Yet this didn’t happen and many fans of these two stars became dull.

Brad and Jennifer so dull with each other-why?

One decade before Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston took a breakup with their relationship in a friendly way. This ex-couple attended the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in the year 2020. Yet they ignored one another and no one was expecting such an event. Fans had a misconception that the controversy between these two people will come to an end and they may pach up with one another yet this could not manifest. Most fans felt disappointed to see that Jennifer left the function of the Golden Globes party very much early and Brad also left the ceremony after her departure. The entire audiences felt pained to see that these two ex-couple even did not greet one another with a formal hello during the award function.

No signs of patch up for this ex-couple

The latest photos uploaded on the internet showed that Brad and Jennifer attended the ceremony yet they did not get friendly with one another. It might be possible that the reasons of their break up might be still in their hearts. For this reason Brad and Jennifer tried to avoid each other and they behaved like strangers during the Golden Globe Awards 2020 function. 

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