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Comedian Kapil Sharma files FIR for cheating against DC Avanti manufacturer and designer, founder Dilip Chhabria

Kapil Sharma filed a complaint about cheating of 5.70 crores against Dilip Chhabria.

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January 16, 2021
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Comedian Kapil Sharma has become a victim of a cheating case through the car designer Dilip Chhabria. Before Kapil's complaint, Dilip Chhabria has also accused in DC Avanti sportscar loan scam case for taking the loan, on the 90 car with same engine and chassis number in different states, by showing fake registration number to the Non-Banking financial corporation and he has no intention to paid-off the loans.

Now, last week Kapil filed the complaint in the Mumbai criminal intelligence unit against the same for taking Rs.5.70 crores for delivering the vanity van but still not fulfilled the promise in addition to this demanding for money as parking and other charges. 

According to the Kapil statement given to the police, he said that in the year 2017, he made the offer with Chhabria for designing a vanity van for him and Kapil would pay Rs.5.30 crores for the van. Until may 2018 Kapil had made the full payment but Dilip didn’t deliver the van. In July 2018, Kapil again asked Chhabria about the processing but he asked 40 lakh for GST which was also paid in July 2018, still, no progress happened. Then, a few months later when there was nothing happened Kapil demanded his money back.

On the other hand, Chhabria said that he would deliver the vanity but he had to ask for extra money Rs.60 lakh. When Kapil went to NCLT in 2019, they seized Dilip’s account. Chhabria sent a bill of Rs.12 lakh to Kapil for the parking expenses and other charges for keeping the parts in the factory against which Kapil went to Mumbai Economic offence wing to file the complaint.

As of now, this case was registered in EOW and the Mumbai criminal intelligence unit will also see facts related to this case. 

By: P3enter10ments